Hijab Pins!

hijab pins dilemma

Working in the industry that requires me to hold a hijab workshop and to donned the shawls for our Muslimah clients has always been a great new experience!

But one thing for sure, I have always encountered questions by our participants, like..

Question : How many hijab pins do i have to use?

Then I realised that, the lesser pins required, the happier they are.


1. Lesser time to get ready

2. Simple – they just want something quick, ready-to-wear and go

3. More pins = more complicated hijab style for them

Well, here’s what i personally feels….

The way we style our hijab reflects the way we care of ourselves. We always want to look fresh, fashionable, in-trend, and feels comfortable of being-ME, the original individual.

For those who used to be non-hijabi prior to become a full hijabi, would experience the phase of ‘taking care’ of your crown (your hair), so well! You would spent hours at the saloon or even home DIY treatments to just ensure you’ve got the best, isn’t that right?

Well, we can’t deny – majority those who used more pins would appear much attractive and fashionable ! Agree ?

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.41.10 AM

Picture credits to Ash Annas (Pinterest)


But, what’s say YOU?

Would you go for no pins?

Let’s take this survey!

7 Fashion Faux Pas That Need to Stay Out of the Office

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.50.41 AM

At an event hosted by Ann Taylor and Marie Claire, Features Editor Lea Goldman discussed the power of executive presence—a force that shows people we are capable of being leaders. The three components that make up executive presence are communication, gravitas, and appearance.

That last one is a big one. According to Goldman, executives say appearance counts for 60 percent of your executive presence. With Goldman’s tips and a couple of our own ideas, we came up with a list of fashion sins that should never make it into the office.

Wet Hair

Ashley Olsen recently made headlines when she headed to work with long, wet locks. First of all, it’s a really great way to catch a cold. But more importantly, no matter how rushed we are in the morning, not taking the time to dry your hair shows that you don’t care enough to do so. According to Susannah Gonzalez of NaturallyCurly.com, “The bottom line is that wet hair is viewed by many as unprofessional because several people equate wet hair with unfinished hair. Going into work with wet hair might give off the impression that you are not ready for work, or that you did not have time in the morning to dry your hair. Employers, therefore, might assume that you put little effort into getting ready for work. However, most agreed that it is perfectly acceptable to go out with wet hair if you are going to class (if you’re a student) or if you are simply running errands.”

Too Much Cleavage

“The single biggest mistake women make [in work attire] is dressing too sexy,” said Goldman. According to a recent survey commissioned by Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Peter Jones, women who display too much cleavage at work could end up sabotaging their careers. The survey of 3,000 managers found that almost half of bosses had overlooked a woman for promotion if she had regularly worn low-cut tops to attract attention.

According to fashion expert Lauren Conrad, you should “never show more than one inch of cleavage or wear a skirt that skims your bum. For most offices, skirts that hit more than 3 or 4 inches above the knee are considered inappropriate. (If you want to wear shorter skirts, or even dress shorts, pair them with opaque tights to temper the higher hemline.) Also, no tank tops unless you have something layered over it to cover your shoulders.”

This also applies to any overly exposed area of skin. Maybe you don’t have cleavage, but you think showing off your breast bone will work in the office. Even with professional black tie events outside the office you have to be careful. Kat Griffin, founder of Corporette, told me, “When shopping for your dress, think ‘classic beauty,’ not sexy. To this end, avoid skin in unexpected places (see left—the keyhole above the empire waist is trouble). No side-boob, no under-boob, and no dresses with the low-low back.”

Visible Lingerie/Panty Line

Oh, the VPL. It’s considered one of the worst fashion blunders ever, and yet people just keep doing it.

Conversely, this does not mean you should go to work sans bra or underwear even if you really don’t need a bra or just don’t like to wear them.

Heavy Makeup

Goldman said you absolutely have to wear makeup, even if you have the features of Snow White.

“Not wearing makeup to work says you don’t take it seriously,” she said. The trick is to look like you’re not wearing makeup. A study found that wearing makeup at work can actually help you appear more confident, but the line between confident and looking like all you do is put on makeup is a very thin one. Researchers say it “may have to do with the negative stereotypes associated with an ‘overly groomed’ woman in the workplace.” Sparkles should never come into your place of work.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 10.09.12 AM

High High Heels

“Context is everything [in the office]. If you are wearing the highest pair of heels in your office, then you’re wearing the wrong shoes,” says Goldman. If you work in an industry like fashion, wearing three inch heels may be the norm. If you work in accounting, a kitten heel may be all you need.

Ill-fitting Clothing

Too-tight clothing is a major problem, but so is too-loose clothing. Investing in a good tailor is part of a professional wardrobe.

Dressing Too Casually

Casual Fridays sound great. Friday is the day where you don’t have to don the suit or conservative dress and heels. But dressing casually and still conveying power can be tough for women.

“Casual Fridays were designed by men, for men,” says Goldman. According to Christina Binkley of The Wall Street Journal, women can’t convey as much power as men when they dress casually. It seems that dressing casually, in certain industries, may be even trickier than dressing professionally. But unfortunately, your clothes are the first things people see when they meet you, and they can send very strong messages. Binkley writes:

“Clearly, clothes and accessories are powerful symbols in the workplace. They are seen before our words are heard in a board meeting, and they are remembered long after, like perfume that hangs in a room.
Collars on a shirt or jacket convey authority. Flat shoes can suggest a girlish lack of authority; if you wear them, choose flats with some hardware and avoid the ballet look. As for stockings, the debate rages on, but if your primary audience is over 50, they may feel more comfortable with them.”

casual friday

Hijab Styling : A Commercial Photo shoot with Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC)

hashtag #Hijabstylist

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.48.04 PM

It was such a thrilled and with great honour to be invited by the famous Malaysian Fashion Stylist, Calvin Cheong to create 5 hijab styling and Muslimah looks for Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall (the biggest and first fashion wholesale mall in Kuala Lumpur) commercial photo shoots last Monday.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 6.23.02 PM

The concepts was basically to have our model in 5 different Muslimah looks while ‘shopping’ at the mall.

Pre-shopping were made the day before (with Calvin himself) and gosh! it took us almost 6 hours to complete the 5-7 looks ( we took extras in case last min changes). Our main challenge was to source out for the dresses and props in such a HUGE place ! phewww… :D

The tasks given to Top2ToeStyliesta as #hijabstylist covered everything from choosing the best fashion & styles, matched with the right color shawls, props with handbags and shoes, plus accessories too!

Since we are required to come out with 5 different Muslimah looks, eventually we had the most ‘dramatic’ and bold modern jubah as the main ‘character’, ‘urban and chic’ shopper, lady in ‘working attire’, stylish turbanista in kebaya ,  sweet and modest muslimah in tunic chiffon blouse and mermaid skirt.

Meet Moniki from Brazil..

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.15.53 PM

Our model for the day…

Which then, i turned her look into ..

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.37.23 PM

Okay, well…yeah, she’s tall (obviously!) haha..

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.19.33 PMPretty, isn’t she??

We had so much fun at the photo shoots, trying to get the best shots ..

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.28.51 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.37.12 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.37.01 PM

The principles or elements to create the styles for Monik was simply focused on

1. Her 5 characters and fashion/styles to fit in

2. Her body figure and height (since she’s not a Malaysian, we figure out she needs an outfit that is long enough)

3. Style story – what’s her style story and how to create a good combination for both dress and her shawls. The color plays a major role here.

4. The dress /outfit must be simple and not too cluttered as she needs to be ‘seen’ shopping at the malls with lots of stuff around.

5. Props – with shoes, handbags , and simple accessories to add to the ‘scene’.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.48.44 PM

Monik had been so supportive and professional … #thegirlinhijab

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.37.33 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.46.05 PM

Then i changed her into a turbanista in modern kebaya ..

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.38.19 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.37.46 PM

The last look we had for the day… yeayy, finally!!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 12.11.03 AM

Me, as the Stylist and Image Consultant


For any Hijab Styling & Personal Image Consultation , contact us directly at

[E] top2toestyliesta@gmail.com

[M] +00 6012 9023625

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Introducing IITTI to the Business Image and Etiquette programs in Malaysia!

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 5.56.11 PM

Setting The Global Standard for Professional Image and Etiquette

Top2ToeStyliesta Image Consulting is proudly to introduce the Institute Image Training and Testing International – (IITTI pronounced as “ET“) to our Business Image & Etiquette programs in Malaysia!

IITTI – a non-profit, open-source, educational organization formed by seasoned, certified image and etiquette consultants from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI); the world’s largest professional body of personal and corporate image consultants and was formed due to a recognized need for standardized business etiquette guidelines.

IITTI offers a standardized testing and certification structure that image, etiquette and civility trainers can use as an independent assessment tool with their clients. Employers today can utilize this examination as a measure to determine knowledge and understanding of business etiquette standards, and the personal grooming practices of their personnel or job applicants.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 5.51.37 PM

IITTI certification systems enhance your personal & professional branding!

IITTI is a business etiquette certification exam system and it conforms to the highest international standards of business image and business/social etiquette in North America and Europe. The corporate image certification is designed specifically for business use.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.36.14 PMScreen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.34.03 PM

The certification system consists of three exam levels which include a written and/or practicum component. For each level, exam candidates must pass all its components in order to earn an IITTI certificate for that level.

The IITTI exam is designed by a group of world-renowned image and etiquette consulting authorities, and education experts specializing in curriculum development and assessment design. The test is designed for corporate application and focuses on corporate etiquette. As such, it would be suitable for any corporate environment where the employer is eager to improve the quality of their organization’s brand and professional image, internationally.

Who Benefits Most from this Certification?


Anyone who works in an organization that requires strong interpersonal skills and is needed to deal with people in a professional manner. For example, marketing managers, PR representatives, accountants, engineers, architects, lawyers, systems analysts, company board of directors, CEOs, VPs, executive assistants, secretaries, receptionists, special events coordinators, corporate trainers, hotel managers, etc.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 4.31.41 PM


Any organization whose staff members interact with clients, vendors or the public. For example, telcos, banks, hotels, government, insurance companies, trading companies, travel agencies, tour companies, IT companies, advertising agencies, etc.


It was reported in late 2013, that a huge number of 434, 100 graduates or 3.3% of total Malaysian labour that are JOBLESS. Should the post graduate students or job seekers equipped themselves with the knowledge in Image Management & Etiquette prior to entering the workforce , the numbers could have been reduced – today!

Remember : Don’t believe that you can just pick up an etiquette book to learn and pass the IITTI test. Good manners and personal grooming require practice over a long period of time. You should find a reputable image consulting school who has training classes specifically for the IITTI test. They can help you practice in an appropriate environment and reinforce many of the concepts for good decorum.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 11.58.48 PM

How Could We , the Image Consultants Contribute To You?

As an internationally certified and accredited Professional Image & Color Consultant by the world renowned London Image Institute, cum the Associate member to IITTI ; who aspires to educate every individual and organization by creating an awareness on the importance of your total image and business etiquette,  we realised that currently in Malaysia there are no standards for companies or higher learning institutes to effectively measure soft skills in the area of personal appearance, social etiquette and civil communication for admitting new hires, student applicants or even the employees.

With the standardise tests and certification structure developed by IITTI , it brings to a whole new level in recognising the right candidates for your organisations and reward the employees accordingly!


Visit IITTI at www.iitti.org for detailed info.

Contact Top2ToeStyliesta Image Consulting’s Founding Director , Ms Emi Idura Che Hashim  for enquiries on IITTI exams , certification structure and fees at :

[E] top2toestyliesta@gmail.com

[M] +00 6012 9023625

First Impression

“First Impression” atau “Anggapan Pertama” yang positif membantu anda tampil lebih berkeyakinan, meningkatkan krebiliti dan menambahkan kepercayaan orang ramai terhadap kemahiran, produk mahupun servis anda secara menyeluruh!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 6.10.08 PM

Top2ToeStyliesta … Your Personal Image Solution!

Greetings from Top2ToeStyliesta Image Consulting!

We are the Image Consultant Professionals who provides services for individuals and organisations through personal coaching, In-House Training Program, Seminar, Workshops, Conferences and Muslimah Fashion Week Stylist and speaker.

We are the Image Experts in :
[1] Corporate Image Excellence
[2] Business Etiquette & Protocol Program
[3] Personal Color Analysis
[4] Style Personality Analysis
[5] Personal Shopping
[6] Wardrobe Analysis
[7] Hijab Styling & Accessorizing
[8] Image Branding (for new muslimah fashion startups)

Contact us today for your Image Consultation appointment!
[E] top2toestyliesta@gmail.com
[M] 012 9023625 (whatsapp/viber/skype)


Stop Embarrassing Yourself: Here’s How To Wear Colors Without Clashing | Business Insider

Stop Embarrassing Yourself: Here’s How To Wear Colors Without Clashing | Business Insider

Ever lost in mixing and match your shirt / dress every day?

Here’s to a basic guidelines on how to match your shirt / dress according to the color wheel.

Remember !
Primary color : RED, YELLOW and BLUE

Complimentary color : The color opposite on the wheel

Triad color : The color that equally spaced on the wheel

Neutrals : White , Black, Brown , Grey, Ivory, Beige, Taupe

These basic guidelines wouldn’t do you wrong when combining colors in your wardrobe!

Cherie Blair Foundation For Women : Mentoring Women in Business Program



We were glad to be selected as the mentee for the “Mentoring Women in Business Program” May 2014 intake,  organised by Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. 

Can’t wait to meet our mentor next week! 


Wish us luck!


Top2ToeStyliesta featured in Sinar Harian

It was an honoured to be in Sinar Harian (Malaysian newspaper) last March 9, 2014.

We were invited to featured our story as the first Malaysian Muslimah Image Consultant certified by the London Image Institute under Wanita Oh Wanita , Personaliti Hebat.




Credits to Sinar Harian for the above copy.

Everything You Thought You Know about Laundry is Wrong…

This is going to sound like an oxymoron, but there is a genuinely amusing cleaning book out there. Really. I’m not kidding you. It’s called “My Boyfriend Barfed In My Handbag…And Other Things You Can’t Ask Martha,” by Jolie Kerr. She’s better-known as the author of the “Ask A Clean Person” column on The Hairpin and from her work on Jezebel and Deadspin. There is a whole chapter on laundry and it is not only something a normal person would actually want to read, it also has info that WILL change the way you do laundry. Forever. It’s time to open your eyes, people, to the following mistakes you’re doing every single time you head to the washing machine:

1. You’re using WAY too much detergent.
laundry detergent
If you’ve been filling up the bottle’s cap in order to measure out the right amount of detergent, you’ve been living a lie. More soap does not, in fact, mean cleaner clothes. In 2010, The Wall Street Journal called out the epidemic of overpourers, warning us that the excess detergent makes a “[..] high foamy tide inside the machine, lifting soil and lint above the water level so it isn’t rinsed away.” Basically, a bubble of horrible filth that will ensure that your clothing will never be truly clean. How much is enough? Kerr recommends filling the cap no more than one third to one half of the way — and the half-way mark is really better for “heavily” soiled items. (There’s usually a fine line within the cap that indicates this point, but it’s usually so faint it’s tough to tell.) Or just use pods.

2. You’re not letting the detergent dissolve.
Many of us figure that the “cool” temperature setting will handle any and all materials. This is generally fine, but many detergents don’t dissolve as well in cool water. (Particularly powders.) Many detergents are labeled for cold water usage — you might want to err on the side of caution and go for those formulas if you’re keen on the cool cycle.

3. You’re not loading the washing machine properly in the first place.
In a top-loading machine, dirty laundry should be the last thing you add to the washer, not the first. And by pouring detergent directly onto the wad of clothes as the water fills, you’re taking a big risk that the soap will not dissolve. Which means your clothes will come out dirty and the chore was a pointless exercise in frustration.

4. You’re not separating clothing items that should be washed separately.
doing laundry
Did you know that if you throw stretchy workout pants in the wash with the fleece-lined sweatshirt you also wore that day, the pants will come out with lint forever embedded in the fabric? Now you do. Wash anything stretchy only with other stretchy items. And while towels can be washed with other cotton items, this is often a recipe for pilled clothing.

5. You’re going overboard with fabric softener.
fabric softener
Look, we get it. It smells nice and it does make everything nice and cozy. And the Snuggle bear is the cutest thing to burst out of Madison Avenue. But softeners leave behind a coating on fabrics. This especially presents a problem with towels, because the coating reduces the towel’s ability to absorb moisture. Kerr also notes that the liquid softeners can build up in the washing machine, which often leads to stains on clothes that don’t react well to such products. If you aren’t willing to give up super-softness, Kerr suggests adding a half cup to the laundry during the wash cycle, which also nicely deodorizes.

6. You’re drying everything on the “regular” heat setting.
clothes dryer dial
Many new dryers spell out the different heat options with suggested items. However, if you’re dealing with an old-school model that offers “tumble dry,” “delicate,” “permanent press,” and “regular,” you might think that the last option can work with anything. Not true. Kerr explains that, since this is the highest heat setting, it’s best for your heaviest items. So, what’s permanent press, you ask? “A medium-heat drying cycle with a cool-down period at the end designed to reduce wrinkling,” Kerr says. The more you know.

Article by The Huffington Post


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